• Latitude Byron Bay will charge the following cancellation fees with amount calculated from time of cancellation to time of booked pick up.

       (within 12 hours of booked pick up time - %100 of booking fee)

       (within 24 hours of booked pick up time - %50 of booking fee)

       (within 24-48 hours of booked pick up time - %25 of booking fee) 

  • If the passenger does not show up for their booking, %100 of the booking fee will be charged.

  • Wedding booking cancellations will be charged %50 of the booking fee if cancelled within 7 days of the booked time and %100 if cancelled within 48 hours of booked time. 

  • Major festival booking cancellations will be charged %100 of booking fee if cancelled within 48 hours of  booked time.

  • Latitude Byron Bay reserves the right to cancel your booking at any time.


  • A 25% deposit will be taken at the time of booking with full payment made on the day.

  • All prices include parking fees and any tolls that may be used during your booking.

  • All prices include complimentary refreshments and the use of properly fitted rear and forward facing child and infant seats. (please advise at time of booking if child restraints are required).

  • All airport pickups include a 45 minute waiting time for international and 30 minute waiting time for domestic flights unless perviously organised. After that a $50 waiting fee applies for every 30 mins of extra waiting. 

  • All booking taken with a start time before 6am and after 10pm will incur a $50per hour out of hours fee.


  • A $250 cleaning fee will be charged for any soiling or damage caused by you or

       any member of your party to the vehicle during your booking. 

  • Additional waiting time is charged at the hourly rate of $100, charged in 15 minute increments 

  • Terms and conditions on this website are subject to change at any time.

  • When making a booking with Latitude Byron Bay you accept the terms and conditions laid out above.